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Ways You Can Use Polar Skis

By :Dingus Zazzy 0 comments
Ways You Can Use Polar Skis
Polar Skis were born out of a need to keep our family active while ensuring our child’s safety, warmth, and comfort! What started as a dream has quickly expanded into a full product line. Check out what you can do with your Polar Skis!
Wheelchairs & Walkers

Our Polar Ski set is compatible with wheelchairs and walkers, providing mobility and remaining highly adaptive for everyone to enjoy. This allows for alternately able users to explore the trails, have fun outside and stay healthy during the winter months.  Don’t see the size and configuration you’re looking for? Contact us and we can make you a custom set
Doggie Carts

Is it a day of family fun if your poor Goldendoodle has to stay at home? Our skis can be used on a traditional doggy cart, meaning you can have fun with all family members, even the four-legged ones.  Don’t see the size you are looking for on our site? Contact us and we can make you a custom set!
Bike Trailers

Our favourite activity to do as a family is to hop on our bikes and explore the nearby trails. This can be difficult with young ones (especially during the winter months) which is why we designed our Polar Skis to fit onto all bike trailers including push, pull or tow and Weehoo’s trailers. Grab your Polar Skis & bike trailers and head to your favourite trail!
Strollers & Stroller Carts

You don't have to check our website twice to know that we make skis that can fit your stroller. The Polar Skis were initially invented to give our baby a first-class ride all year round and in all terrain. Whether it is 3 wheels, 4 wheels, single or double kiddo, adaptive or pet - we’ve got your covered!
Still have questions about Polar Skis? Contact us today.
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