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Our 10 Winter Trail Safety Tips

By :Dingus Zazzy 0 comments
Our 10 Winter Trail Safety Tips
More important to us than getting outside and exploring the trails is getting outside and exploring the trails in the safest way possible. That is why we have put together our top tips for keeping you and your family safe this winter!
1. Make sure your phone is fully charged! You never want to find yourself in a situation where you are reaching for your phone to call for help, only to find a dead battery.  We even recommend bringing a spare battery pack with you just in case.
2. Before heading out on your adventure, make sure you read any trail reports available and know before you go! It is essential to keep an eye on the trail conditions and know ahead of time if there are any closures, parking restrictions or other safety bulletins.
3. Especially during these unprecedented times of Covid-19, we all need to do our part in preventing the spread and follow all provincial guidelines. Make sure you wear your mask if required, remain 6 feet apart and don’t gather in the parking lot. Keep your family and everyone around you safe.
4. Make sure you have the right equipment for the trail! Double-check beforehand if you will need proper hiking boots, snowshoes, or maybe even cross country skis! Add Yaktraks or ice cleats type grips for boots.  Don’t forget to grab your Polar Skis to help you navigate even the most challenging terrain.
5. If you’ve spent even one winter in a cold climate, you know the winter rule of layers, layers and even more layers! Set your family up for success by ensuring everyone has a base layer (we recommend wool or polar fleece), an insulating layer and a wind layer for extra protection. Always carry a change of clothing in the vehicle or diaper bag and an extra blanket.  Bring spare mittens, toques and even hand warmers!
6. Check the forecast before you go outside and hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Especially if you are travelling near the Foothills or into the Rocky Mountains, the weather can be highly unpredictable, so you want to ensure you are ready for all occasions.  
7. A winter stroller bag/footmuff is a vital tool for keeping your child warm, during your winter walks. Make sure it is insulated, windproof and preferable down filled or responsible alternative. You can also put a warm heat pack in the bottom of the footmuff to keep warm. Paired with a fleece bunding suit, makes for a snug, warm adventure
8. Insulated water bottles, so the water doesn’t freeze! Flask of hot chocolate as a treat or reward for the kiddos that maybe walking. If you are travelling with young ones, make sure you bring extra water. Staying hydrated is essential, especially if you are travelling far away from your car. It is always better to have too much water, rather than not enough.  
9. Bring snacks! Not only will bringing snacks keep you popular with everyone, but extra food will keep you feeling energized and ready to tackle the trail ahead.  
10. Keep away from any dangerous conditions and never step foot on thin ice. If you are going skating or venturing out onto a frozen pond, it needs to be at least 20cm thick. Stay away from grey, white or cracked ice and make sure you obey any posted signs.
Make sure you stay on the trail and have fun! Please share your favourite pictures with us of your family enjoying the trails this winter. Use #PolarSkis and tag us @polar_skis on instagram!
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