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Our Top 12 Best Baby Shower Gifts

By :Dingus Zazzy 0 comments
Our Top 12 Best Baby Shower Gifts
We would have thought you were crazy if you told us a few years ago that virtual baby showers would soon become the norm, but here we are! Just because baby showers are now taking place online doesn't have to mean they are any less exciting. The easiest way to celebrate the momma-to-be is to pop a little something in the mail to show your support. Here are our Top 10 baby shower gifts that mom and baby actually want.
1. Polar Skis

Having a newborn can be exhausting, overwhelming and a little bit scary, to say the least! One of the best ways to alleviate stress and calm newborn anxiety is to get outside and explore, which is why we recommend a pair of our Polar Skis. Give the gift of endorphins and the ability for mom and baby to be out in nature!
2. Multipurpose Cover

A multipurpose cover is a great gift because it is so multifunctional! You can use the multipurpose cover to cover the baby carrier, cover the car seat and even drape over mom’s body when she needs to nurse.
3. Blankets

If you live somewhere cold, blankets are one of our most favourite gifts to give. Baby blankets are plush, velvety soft, and we can't stop running our fingers over them. Why not get a matching blanket for both baby and mom?
4. Trendy Diaper Bag

Changing diapers might be one of the least glamorous parts of motherhood, but that doesn't mean you can't look good while doing it! There are so many fashionable diaper bags on the market, and some don't even look like diaper bags. A trendy diaper bag is an easy way to bring a smile to a tired mother's face.
5. Bunting Suit


Bunting suits are both adorable, practical and necessary in cold temperatures! They help protect baby from the cold and are car seat safe!

6. Favourite Books

If you are looking for a more sentimental gift, why not give some of your favourite books that you read as a child? Or if you have children of your own, gift some of your own children's favourite stories. Bonus points if you add a handwritten dedication or special note.  
7. Stroller Accessories

A whole stroller may be out of your budget, but what about buying some simple stroller accessories? Every mom needs a trendy stroller hook to attach their diaper bag or perhaps even a cup holder for water bottles and coffee cups! Invest in a warm stroller footmuff/bag that can be used all year round to keep baby snug and warm.
8. Gift Cards

If you are looking for something simple to slip in the mail or maybe even send electronically, consider a gift card. You can either purchase a gift card for a local baby retailer or surprise mom by getting her a gift card to her favourite restaurant because all new mothers will appreciate a break from cooking (even if it's just for take-out).    
9. Spa Package for Mom

In the excitement of cute onesies and diaper genies, we often forget about spoiling Mom! How about putting together a simple spa package to give her some much-needed relief? Even something as simple as a candle, bath bomb and face mask will be gratefully received!
10. Video Baby Monitor

Give newborn parents peace of mind with a video baby monitor.  A video baby monitor will help parents rest easy in their own bedroom, whilst keeping an eye on babes.
11. Baby Bath with Supporter

All newborns will need a baby bath with a support to make bath time as smooth of a process as possible! A supporter will help keep baby lifted and safe in the water at bath time.  Maybe throw in a cute new bath toy for extra fun in the tub!  
12. Big Ticket Items - Stroller & Crib

A stroller for a newborn is an absolute must. There are so many different strollers for each price point to meet the needs and lifestyles of parents, and we know that this is something that the expecting mother will definitely need and appreciate.  A crib may seem obvious, but baby will need somewhere to sleep! Whether it is an infant crib, bassinet or a bed to grow into, we are positive that this gift will be well-received.  With either of these big ticket items, make sure you consult momma to get an exact model that will work for the family!
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