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How to Beat the Baby Blues During COVID

By :Dingus Zazzy 0 comments
How to Beat the Baby Blues During COVID


Visiting the pool, Storytime at the library, baby music classes and anything else that requires you to be 6 feet from a stranger may have all been cancelled. Still, one thing that remains readily available to us all is the great outdoors! The Mayo Clinic says, “30 minutes of outdoor exercise every day can help keep postpartum blues at bay”.  We will share our top tips that will help you get outside, enjoy the fresh air and take full advantage of your Polar Skis. Here are some of our favorite ways to keep active in our new socially-distanced world.

  1. Walking


If you are new to fitness or you want to spend some quality time with your baby, we always recommend a nice long walk. Nothing helps to clear your mind and soothe anxiety like a breath of fresh air. Explore your local neighborhood, you might find some hidden gems such as the ICE caves in Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary.  Whether you need a 5-minute break to take a quick lap around the neighborhood or go for an hour-long power walk by the river, your Polar Skis have got you covered.  
Do you want to up your fitness level a bit more than a walk? How about cross-country skiing? You can easily pull your bike trailer with Polar Skis, giving you maximum fitness and quality time with your family! Nordic skiing is one of our favorite ways to improve your basic cardio and get a full-body workout.  Studies indicate that increased exposure to the outdoors, including forested environments, has been shown to decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
2. Cross Country Skiing
3. Fat Biking

What if we told you that biking didn’t just have to be for summer? You might already be familiar with fat biking, but if you aren’t, it is basically what it sounds like - biking with fat tires! These fat tires allow you to pedal through snow and keep up your biking fitness all year round. Our bike trailer skis are perfect for accommodating large wheels!
4. Snowshoeing

Great family fun way to get outside and explore the natural beauty mother nature has to offer.
5. Going to the Dog Park

Get out with your kiddos and fur babies and enjoy some daily exercise, you will all feel better afterwards!
6. Tobogganing

Looking for a whole day of family fun? How about a visit to the toboggan hill! Enjoy the hill and babies can enjoy being warm and safe in their stroller or chair. Build a snowman! Better yet, a snow family! Statistics Canada reports that every hour a person spends outdoors is associated with 7 more minutes of heart-pumping physical activity, taking 762 more steps, and spending 13 fewer minutes being sedentary.  
Being outdoors and active can dramatically improve our well-being, so be kind to yourself and get outside! Shop our Polar Skis today!

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