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5 Stroller Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed

By :Dingus Zazzy 0 comments
5 Stroller Accessories You Didn't Know You Needed


1. Polar Skis

We might be biased, but we think that Polar Skis are a must-own stroller accessory, and that they are essential for the winter months! Polar Skis are easy to use and require no tools to fit, adjust or remove. The skis are strong, durable and even look good on your stroller. Polar Skis give you access to the outdoors and can make long walks, afternoons cross country skis and even fat biking with your little ones all possible!
2. Coffee Cup Holder
If you love your morning coffee as much as we do, you probably know that you shouldn't talk to us unless we have had our first cup of coffee…or maybe our first two! There are coffee cup holders compatible with your stroller that allow you to drink your coffee on the go. Keep caffeinated while taking your baby out for a morning stroll - how's that for multi-tasking?
3. Weather Cover

Especially in the frigid winter temperatures, a weather cover is crucial for protecting your baby from the harsh elements! The last thing you want on your afternoon adventure is for your baby to get wet and chilled from the rain or snow or suffer from painful windburn.  
4. Winter stroller bag and muff

Give your small passenger a warm hug in their stroller or bike trailer with a warm down stroller bag.  The down fill moulds itself to tiny bodies to surround them with warmth and keep them nice and toasty.
5. Fleece Bunting Suit for Infants
Have you seen anything cuter than a baby swaddled in a baby cocoon or a bunting suit? Not only do these suits provide the perfect photo opportunity to show how adorable your little one looks in their cocoon, but they are extremely practical! Infant bunting suits protect your baby from the cold air and give you peace of mind knowing that your young one is snug as a bug and safe in their car seat.  Perfect for babes to wear when inside their stroller bag. Covers hand and feet, always put extra socks on to keep those little toes warm.


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